Handmade women across the Europe

The difficulties that many handmade workers have to face in the transition of their projects from a freetime activity to a business activity lies in the lack of specific competences in the fields of ICT, e-commerce and marketing and management. After all, the Eurostat 2014 data confirm that the occupational sex gap in some European countries still overcomes 15% (IT, RO, EL, MA and CZ) and this gap is also recorded in self employment and entrepreneurship fields.


In fact, a great part of women become entrepreneurs for due necessity to the difficulty to find a job or to improve family’s budget. The "home based" production represents the departure for the birth of small entrepreneurial activities that could facilitate different aspects of women’s life. The Florà project aims to support the share and transfer of innovative practices regarding economic integration and female entrepreneurship addressing to workers in the field of handmade production with the purpose to improve the impact on their formation and to increase the occupation and the entrepreneurial mind by creating a European net of competences and needs sharing in the fields of ICT and e-commerce, marketing, management. 


          Florà has received funding from the European Union Erasmus+ Program                             



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