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Mentoring for Handmakers

Some feedback from mentoring women

I had been following the Florà project for some time, it immediately attracted me for its international, European spirit. Maybe what I miss most working in a province of central Italy.

The menthoring opportunity came on the eve of the Covid isolation shock. I was looking for moments of training and learning, I was looking for them in the areas that I attend daily, art, teaching, handmaking.

So the experience with Miriam Trolese began, the four meetings she dedicated to me were the moment for a serious reflection on what my passions are, on the needs and requirements that change when you ask yourself if it can become something more.

Having a fixed appointment with her, her kindness and the precise questions she asked me, were a great stimulus.

Weaving has been part of my life for many years now, but I never wanted to face it with an entrepreneurial spirit, strongly fearing its implications, practical but above all symbolic.

Menthoring certainly helped me to shed light on the convictions induced and nurtured within me from the outside, from my story, from myself.

It was a nice opportunity to put ideas back in order, to design an environment that is mine again, where to be able to put dreams and the certainty of my know-how at the center, freeing the field from blurring or protective veils.

I believe that being followed in this process is fundamental for an artisan who, after much training in her art, is taking the first steps in the knowledge necessary to succeed, be it organizational, economic, communicative. This Florà can do it well, and with passion.

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