Constructing Empowerment for European Women

Through the Florà project, the handmade workers of Europe have the opportunity to elaborate and share new tools and systems useful to the exploitation of their job. Those work instruments enhance the knowledge of tools for the promotion, Plug in, Target customer and business plan, production organization, business management models, branding, graphics. The project will allow to: Share good practices of self-employment through open source learning; sustain a net of European Handmade workers; sustain the exchange of competences            


 The country partners involved in Florà project will be 5: Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain and Czech Republic. The partner organizations will take care of different topics for the workers involved that allow an effective and efficient exchange of good practices: ICT & e-commerce; social media & branding; management & budget;self employment and entrepreneurship.


The results of this collaboration will be the construction of a team of handmade thinkers who will become Mentor in their territories for all women who decide to undertake this work. The materials will also be a guideline and a toolkit to support targeted training in support of women.